About Us

Most people are totally confused and unsure about what is causing their pain or limited mobility. At Lone Peak Physical Therapy, we start with actually listening to you so that we can truly understand your issues, concerns, and goals. Second, we work closely with you to analyze your unique movement patterns during "real life" activities. Finally, we educate you and we partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, aimed at quickly correcting the issue.

Our unique approach is totally different than anything you have experience elsewhere. Unlike most therapy clinics, we do not blindly follow cookbook protocols, preconceived ideas, or generic program guidelines, that pigeonhole you into a certain patient category. We believe in treating the person, not the injury. Your recovery plan is completely driven by you—your body, your needs, YOUR STORY. With you at the center of our treatment philosophy, success is achieved quicker, giving you the confidence to return to the activities life demands. 

See What Makes Lone Peak Physical Therapy Different

When it comes to healthcare and fitness we realize you have a multitude of choices. We believe that our commitment to listen to you and our focus on your body as the treatment guide, is what sets us apart and allows us to stand out from the rest! Set an appointment with a physical therapist to see for yourself.

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