Lone Peak Physical Therapy is one of the most respected and recognizable physical therapy and wellness facilities in the region.  We are known for our innovative and individualized approach to rehabilitation, training and performance enhancement.  Our team of professionals are personable and caring.  They take the time to hear your concerns and genuinely seek to understand your problem.   Our clients consistently rate their experience with us as exceptional, and as word about the effectiveness of our method spreads, more and more clients are seeking out our unique approach to health and wellness.

Client Testimonials

Positive therapy with the right mix of pushing patients to do more while reminding them of their limits. All of the therapists in the office, not just my assigned therapist, were always rooting for me and genuinely interested in my progress. Everyone in the office is so invested in the patients, super helpful, and understanding of people's needs. I always looked forward to going to my appointments. Katie was a great fit for me as a patient too- she could always answer my questions and was supportive when I wanted to start getting back to my normal activities. She followed all of the general protocols but truly gave me individualized care. – Carolyn W, Bozeman

Eileen did an outstanding job getting to know me and how I used my body. She spotted how I was compensating for weakness and was very patient in retraining me to use my body differently. Also Kezia and I had a conversation about posture and the body language of the midwestern hunch, keeping that in mind has made working better posture in to my daily life. Overall the experience at lone peak has prompted a change in how I use my body and care for myself. – William H, Big Sky

I was very surprised at how fast and how great my therapy went. Within about two weeks, pain was gone and my knee was feeling better than it had felt in 4 years.  It was great to go up and down stairs, not just one step at a time. Everyone was friendly and all acted happy to see me recover as fast as I did. I can only say wish I would of done it 4 years sooner. I highly recommend Lone Peak Physical Therapy. – Doug C, Four Courners

Great staff! No nonsense, they knew I was a capable person and didn't force me into extra visits.  My knee feels great and with their guidance regained 100% within 5 weeks of surgery. – Matthew C, Belgrade

Excellent, friendly, knowledgeable staff who sincerely care about positive patient outcomes. Eileen went above and beyond to ensure that I regained full range of motion, strength, and use of my thumb following UCL repair. I left every appointment feeling better, more confident, and optimistic about my recovery. – John Adams, Big Sky

The staff is amazing! I have had relief from pain in my neck where others have NEVER been able to help me before. Mark Bittinger is a miracle worker - I have the highest regard for him. My migraine neck has given me incredible pain for over 10 years, and he is the first PT to even be able to get the pain under control. I tell everyone about him. He deserves a huge raise! – Renee S, Belgrade

Jay was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgable explaining every step, every process of the therapy and how it will help me restore movement in my neck which was causing headaches. He listened to me as well as worked with my chiropractor in order to come up with the best plan according to my needs. I had never been to a PT before and was apprehensive that they would be able to help me. But honestly, I have had remarkable results in a short period of time! I learned a lot about how the muscles work together, what happens when they don't, and what is needed to keep them working the way they should in order to avoid years of neck pain and headaches, which I have been experiencing. I have more movement in my neck now than I've had in many years, I hope to keep it that way thanks to the tools Jay gave me! I can highly recommend Jay! – Anonymous, Billings

I would recommend Lone Peak because all of the staff I interacted with was very friendly and welcoming. JD did a great job looking into various reasons for my neck and shoulder pain. Because of this, I ended up with a variety of stretches and exercises that are specific to the way my body moves (or doesn't move so well). JD listened well and also knew what to look for in my neck and shoulders. I feel better than I have in years. Thanks JD! – Katie P, Bozeman