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Simple Exercises to Improve Posture

We are happy to share some simple exercises to improve your posture and help you feel better. So many of us spend so much of our work week in a seated position, whether that’s in front of a computer or in a vehicle, and it is so easy to sit with bad posture and weaken your muscles. Our quick video below shows 2 great exercises that only take a few minutes and can help build strength, prevent injury and promote better posture. As we always say, we hope it helps you “Feel Better!”

Tennis Exercises and Stretches

Written by Katie Muenzberg, MSPT, OCS, FAFS

Tennis is an awesome lifelong sport.  However, tennis can cause injury to many parts of the body due to repetition and use of your dominant arm and your spine, as well as the high-speed impact on the racquet. It requires balance, coordination, speed and power.  

Get Ready for Hockey Playoffs

Written by Mark Bittinger, PT, DPT

April is here and the regular hockey season is wrapping up. Which means playoffs are here and the intensity is picking up. By this point, I’m sure most of us have a few bumps and bruises we’re managing. I put together a quick and easy warm up to help keep you healthy through the playoffs and into the summer.   

Snowboarding Exercise Program

We are in the heart of winter in Montana. Winter in Montana brings many opportunities to get outside and MOVE! Those opportunities may include cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, or snow shoeing. In one of our previous blog posts we discussed conditioning for skiing, let’s expand to the mobility and strength needed for snowboarding to keep you injury-free this season.