Q&A with Josh Daniel, DPT


Josh Daniel, DPT is the newest Physical Therapist at Lone Peak. Josh joined the Lone Peak Performance – Big Sky location in January of 2020. We are excited for you to get to know him a little better.  Please stop in and say hello next time you are near our clinic.


What’s your background (where did you grow up, what did you do before, etc.)?


I grew up in Denver, CO. and did my undergraduate in Sports Management and played college baseball at St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Following college, I moved to Breckenridge, CO where I taught Skiing and Snowboarding and worked for the Town of Breckenridge Recreation Department. I also coached the University of Colorado Snowboard Team for a winter.


What is your experience within the physical therapy industry?


I recently graduated from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. So, I am just getting into the PT industry. I was an aide in an Outpatient Ortho clinic in Breckenridge for 1 year before PT School.


Why/how did you decide to become a physical therapist?


I have always been drawn to human movement and helping people achieve their goals. I had never been in PT myself but I had numerous friends who had injured themselves and they always talked highly of their Physical Therapists. I took an opportunity to be an aide in a PT clinic in Breckenridge and on the second day of working there, I decided PT was where I needed to be.


What do you like about working at Lone Peak Physical Therapy?


Lone Peak has a very interesting and exciting environment. The company is the most patient-focused company I know of. Working at Performance is a dream come true. The facility offers so many resources to push and help individuals reach their goals. The whole team is awesome as well.


What questions do you wish patients would ask you more?


  • How hard can I push my rehab?
  • What else can I do to help my recovery?


What are the values that drive you?


Get better every day at something.


What are your top 3 podcasts or books that you recommend to people?


  •  Stuff You Should Know (Podcast)
  • Barbell Medicine (Podcast)
  • Last Podcast on the Left (Podcast)


What do you enjoy when you are not working?


I love to do all outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, xc skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, backpacking, camping, trail running…I also love to cook and eat.