April 2020

A Chance to Slow Down and Reflect

I don’t miss much about life as a student, but one thing I have always missed about school was that every year there was a specific end to the monotony and dailiness that always seemed to creep in.  What I really loved was that this “end” of the school year also meant that I would have a chance to start over and hopefully do things better the following year.   As a result of COVID-19, I am, in a strange way, feeling that familiar sensation again.  Also, I find it fascinating that I have heard some variation of this theme recurring, over and over, in conversations with friends and family ove

Letter from our CEO

A Lone Peak Update

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought as to how COVID-19 has affected us all over the last month.  Recently, I heard someone talking about concussions and the devastating effects they can have on a person’s brain.  It struck me that the experience a person goes through after a sustaining a head injury may be the perfect analogy for describing what we may all be experiencing in dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19.

We're All in This Together

Each week, our team has been putting together a message and communication to send out to our team, patients and clients. This week, our Founder & CEO, John Boersma has put together the below message. It has such an important message, and we want to make sure that it is seen by everyone. 

To our amazing teammates and clients,