May 19: COVID Update

It is nice to see that the curve for new COVID cases has significantly flattened in Montana over the past month.  While there is still an underlying feeling of uncertainty, it feels like things have stabilized a bit, albeit with our new “normal" of wearing masks and social distancing.  It has truly been a blessing for our providers to see a steady uptick in clients wanting to come back into our offices over the past few weeks.  I guess the old adage is true, “sometimes you don’t know what you have, until it is gone”.  We desperately missed our personal interactions with favorite clients during the shelter in place order, and it is so nice to have you all gradually trickling back into our clinics.  

We have a philosophy and a motto here at Lone Peak that guides every decision we make in our business.  It is simply this, ‘The client is the Hero”.  The really cool thing is that through all of this craziness we have seen just how true this statement really is.  So many of you offered up words of encouragement and kindness and/or reached out, offering to do whatever you could to help out.  We can’t thank you all enough for your support and commitment through this challenging time.  Our incredible clients are truly the reason we exist and we are so happy to have you back.

One of good things that came from this pandemic struggle is that it pushed us way out of our comfort zone and forced us to adapt to new ways in which we could conduct our business.  A small team of our providers stepped up in a big way and quickly built a platform for providing Telehealth visits for our clients.  Many of you benefited from their hard work and were able to stay in contact with your therapist, receiving the therapy you needed, virtually.  Other clients, that were apprehensive about the technology side of Telehealth, opted to forgo treatment rather than try the new system, which unfortunately slowed their recovery. 

We are happy to report that, after working out a few of the initial kinks, Telehealth has proven to be an amazing platform for delivering care.  It is simple to use and, truthfully, it has actually significantly improved our services.  While in person visits are definitely optimal, we have seen Telehealth visits bridge the gap when coming into the clinic is just not an option.  Moving forward, we see this virtual therapy platform as an amazing tool for helping clients maintain momentum as they journey back to pain free activity.  If someone in your household is sick, or if childcare becomes a last-minute issue, you will not have to cancel your appointment and miss a critical visit with your therapist, you can simply covert to a Telehealth visit. 

If you have not yet participated in a Telehealth therapy session, please ask your therapist or one of our patient coordinators to walk you through the process so you will be ready to take advantage of this amazing new service in the future, should the need arise.

A huge thank you once again to all of our valued clients for your support and dedication during these strange times.  Be well, stay safe, and keep moving.