What Does it Mean to Own Your Own Health?

With more and more money coming out of your own pocket due to inflated insurance premiums, high deductibles, and costly co-insurance, you need to be sure you are getting the most for your money when it comes to your healthcare. One way to do that is to "Own Your Own Healthcare" may have heard this term before but aren't sure what it means, or maybe you know that you're ready to take control of your own health but aren't sure how to start.

4 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

With the rising health care costs in our country, many people are looking for ways to save money on their health spending. Rising insurance premiums, high deductibles, specialist visits, and expensive testing all contribute to the obscene amount of money that can be spent on a single, easily treatable injury. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to save money on healthcare.

When to Skip the Primary Care Physician and Go Straight to a Physical Therapist

Did you know that starting with physical therapy first can save you thousands of dollars? Physical therapy helps by addressing harmful movement issues early that, left untreated, often lead to bigger more expensive medical interventions in the future. Instead of reflexively spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary medical doctor visits, or worse, ignoring your pain because of expensive healthcare costs, start with a visit to a doctor of physical therapy first, for all your back, joint, or muscle issues.

Leaking Urine - It is not the norm!

Written by:  Ashley Wold, DPT, CAFS

I participated in a workout class and overheard two women talking to each other about leaking urine during the jumping jack warm up. They laughed, they leaked, and they laughed more. Sadly, this is not an uncommon topic. I hear women talking about “leaking” all the time:

“I'm six months postpartum and feeling like the new norm is leaking urine. I leak when laughing, coughing, jumping, and bending over to lift the baby.”

Simple Exercises to Improve Posture

We are happy to share some simple exercises to improve your posture and help you feel better. So many of us spend so much of our work week in a seated position, whether that’s in front of a computer or in a vehicle, and it is so easy to sit with bad posture and weaken your muscles. Our quick video below shows 2 great exercises that only take a few minutes and can help build strength, prevent injury and promote better posture. As we always say, we hope it helps you “Feel Better!”