Performance + Fitness

The Lone Peak Performance + Fitness Lab is our state of the art facility that integrates performance therapy, 3D biomechanical analysis and personal training, all under one roof. At Lone Peak our therapists, dieticians and performance coaches work closely together to ensure you reach your true physical potential.

We adhere to a client specific, functional training approach where each individual’s exercise program is examined, manipulated, and developed based on their unique body and specific goals. This style is easily adaptable to all ages, goals and fitness levels due to our personalized customization of programming. The team of professionals at Lone Peak believes in hard work, focus, support, motivation, technique, intensity, commitment, drive, passion and achievement. We are all about helping you become the best version of yourself!

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  • Performance Training

    The performance coaches at Lone Peak have undergone advanced training in 3D movement and strengthening techniques. All of our training programs start with a detailed evaluation of your current strengths, weaknesses, and preferred movement patterns using our customized 3D assessment profile. This multi-planar whole body analysis allows us to identify your specific needs and develop a baseline for objectively tracking your progress. Our coaches then work closely with you to help you better understand your movement and strength deficits, and then design a science-based personalized program aimed at optimizing overall fitness, limiting injury risk, and helping you reach your goals. Additionally, we establish measurable parameters and timelines that will serve as a guide as you work to achieve your goals. If you are willing to work, we will make it count!

  • Performance Lab Services


    • Gait / Running analysis
    • Force Plate objective measurement
    • 3D biomechanics analysis
    • Sport-specific movement and strength assessment
    • Quantum strength/power training
    • VO2 Max testing
  • Performance Therapy

    Performance therapy is not for everyone. It is an advanced style of treatment for highly active, driven individuals looking to maximize gains and accelerate their recovery process. At Lone Peak, you will be pushed and asked to work extremely hard, in safe and structured environment. Your active participation and full engagement are required to reach your goals. Our approach is driven by active, "hands-on" interventions, movement optimization and upright functional 3D training. We believe strongly in educating each client on how their body's current movement patterns may differ from optimal 3D functional movement. We partner with you to aggressively correct the dysfunctional movement patterns, leading to a quicker recovery and prevention of future complications.