Why Us?

  • We listen and we care.

    We believe the best way to help you reach your goals is to learn about you, your concerns, your hopes: YOUR STORY. If you are not entirely sure what you want or need, we’ll help walk you through the process of figuring it out.  At Lone Peak, you will always work 1:1 with a licensed professional for the entirety of your appointment and your appointment will focus on the things that are imporant to you.

  • We respect your time.

    We will not waste your valuable time by making you sit in our waiting room and you won't be passed off to support staff or double-booked with other clients. We will get you in for your visit with your therapist, and get you out the door and back to your active life—on schedule. Each session is efficient, personalized, and aimed at getting the most out of our time together. 

  • No hidden surprises.

    We will not surprise you with a pile of hidden costs at the end of your treatment with us. We will take the time to educate you on your health insurance benefits, the value of our service, and how health insurance billing works. When you choose to work with us we want you to feel like you are making a valuable investment in your health and future, rather than feeling unsure, confused, and vulnerable. You will know exactly what to expect—up front—saving you headache, uncertainty, and time-consuming future phone calls.

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